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Route 250 Bypass Interchange at McIntire Road


Welcome to the City of Charlottesville's website for the Route 250 Bypass Interchange at McIntire Road. This site is the source for information related to the study of the interchange alternatives, design updates and public involvement. We encourage you to review the project materials and offer your comments, suggestions and input via our e-comment form found in the Public Outreach section.


Interchange Report as of August 10, 2014

The 250 Interchange Project is 78.6% complete

Estimated Completion – Summer 2015

The previous two weeks (9/8-9/19), the contractor has been:
  • Constructing utility duct bank along 250EB
  • Installing  Bridge Deck and Piling Abutment B
  • Installing signals @ Park Street/ramps and Harris/McIntire
  • Grading slopes and placing fill/seed/mulch
  • Completed new culvert under 250
  • Reconstructing the Dogwood Memorial
  • Completed trailhead parking lot
  • Installing waterline across 250
  • Removing curb and asphalt along McIntire
The following two weeks (9/22-10/3), the contractor will be:
  • Continuing work on Bridge & Abutment B
  • Reconfiguring curbing/asphalt of McIntire Road between Harris and 250
  • Continuing reconstruction of Dogwood Vietnam Memorial
  • Installing signals @ Park Street/ramps and Harris/McIntire


  • Construction Progress Pictures (New)
  • Construction On-going (New)
    • Dogwood Vietnam Memorial reconstruction - Summer/Fall 2014
    • Bridge construction complete - Late 2014/Early 2015



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