How has the Project Team assessed Cultural Resources?

A cultural resources investigation is being conducted to identify historic resources, including archaeological sites, landscapes, structures and buildings that are listed in or may be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Potential effects to these resources are being evaluated in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Elements of the investigation include:

  1. Researching the history of the region and the project area to provide an historic context within which historic resources may be identified.
  2. Coordinating with Consulting Parties to assist with resource identification and assessment.
  3. Identifying the Area of Potential Effect (APE) where the survey would be conducted.
  4. Identifying known resources by conducting a search of the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (DHR) Virginia Landmarks Register (VLR). These two sources contain all previously identified resources (both standing structures and archaeological sites) within the project area.
  5. Surveying previously unidentified resources and recommending eligibility for listing on the NRHP.
  6. Conducting an archaeological survey within the potential limit of ground disturbance for the alternatives to identify potential archaeological sites.
  7. Identifying the potential effects to cultural resources.
  8. Reviewing options to avoid or reduce effects to cultural resources.
  9. Identifying mitigation measures to resolve unavoidable effects.


What cultural resources were identified that may be affected by the project?

The project team identified three historic properties that are listed on or eligible for listing in the NRHP that may be affected by the project alternatives. No new potential archaeological sites were identified.

  1. Charlottesville - Albermarle County Courthouse Historic District. This District has three contributing elements within the APE:
    1. 807 Park Street (listed in the NRHP)
    2. 501 Park Hill (determined eligible for the NRHP)
    3. 502 Park Hill (determined eligible for the NRHP)
  2. Covenant School (determined eligible for the NRHP)
  3. McIntire Park/Golf Course (determined eligible for the NRHP)
  4. Rock Hill Academy landscape (determined eligible for the NRHP)
  5. Hard Bargain (listed in the NRHP)


What are the effects of the project on historic properties?

Likely effects to historic resources were described in the Environmental Assessment and presented at the November 1, 2007 Public Hearing. Through continued coordination with VDHR, comments received from the public on the EA and from the Public Hearing, and comments from Consulting Parties, an effects determination [2.46 Mb]  was prepared in December 2008. VDMR concurred with the effects determination in January 2009.

How is the project addressing adverse effects to historic properties?

The city has worked closely with VDOT, the Federal Highway Administration, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and other consulting parties to identify appropriate mitigation measures. A Memorandum of Agreement describing these measures was signed in May 2010.



Phase I Cultural Resources Investigation Route 250 Bypass Interchange at McIntire Road Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia, February 2007:

  1. Cover Page [895 Kb] 
  2. Full Report [53.9 Mb] 
  3. Abstract [1.3 Mb] 
  4. Table of Contents [1.3 Mb] 
  5. Section 1 [1.3 Kb] 
  6. Section 2 [7.5 Mb] 
  7. Section 3 [1.0 Mb] 
  8. Section 4 [3.0 Mb] 
  9. Section 5 [2.8 Mb] 
  10. Section 6 [1.3 Mb] 

VDHR, April 19, 2007 Letter Response to Phase I Investigation [97.38 Kb] 

Additional survey information submitted to VDHR August 2007:

  1. 501 Park Hill - VDHR ID# 104-0187 [255.44 Kb] 
  2. 502 Park Hill - VDHR ID# 104-5129 [285.29 Kb] 
  3. Covenant School - VDHR ID# 104-0120 [386.06 Kb] 
  4. Dogwood Vietnam Memorial - VDHR ID# 104-5139-0001 [107.80 Kb] 
  5. McIntire Golf Course - VDHR ID# 104-5102 [163.60 Kb] 
  6. McIntire Park - VDHR ID# 104-5139 [389.00 Kb] 
  7. Rock Hill Academy / MACAA - VDHR ID# 104-5137 [303.18 Kb] 

VDHR, September 4, 2007 Letter Response to additional survey [101.74 Kb] 

October 30, 2007 Letter from VDHR [700.18 Kb] 

VDHR Letter to City, December 7, 2007 [614.08 Kb] 

Letter from City to VDHR, February 6, 2008 [1.09 Mb] 

VDHR letter to City, March 7, 2008 [263.49 Kb] 

Effects Determination letter from City to VDHR, December 24, 2008 [2.46 Mb] 

Effects Determination concurrence letter from VDHR, January 28, 2009 [208.99 Kb] 

Adverse Effect notification from FHWA to the ACHP, March 6, 2009 [58.40 Kb] 

ACHP response letter to the FHWA, March 19, 2009 [395.49 Kb] 

Draft MOA to VDHR and ACHP, May 18, 2009 [692.21 Kb] 

ACHP Letter to FHWA, May 21, 2009 [68.42 Kb] 

VDHR Letter to FHWA, June 4, 2009 [886.96 Kb] 

ACHP letter to FHWA, June 17, 2009 [1.20 Mb] 

Draft MOA to VDHR and ACHP, July 29, 2009 [3.54 Mb] 

VDHR response letter to FHWA, August 27, 2009 [1.25 Mb] 

ACHP response letter to FHWA, August 27, 2009 [571.18 Kb] 

ACHP comments, October 30, 2009 [943.65 Kb] 

VDHR comments, November 16, 2009 [282.05 Kb]  (letters continued on page 5)

Draft MOA to VDHR and ACHP, December 22, 2009 [186 Kb] 

VDHR comments, January 14, 2010 [123 Kb] 

ACHP comments, January 21, 2010 [35 Kb] 

Draft MOA to VDHR and ACHP, April 8, 2010 [86 Kb] 

Consulting Party Response to Draft MOA, April 20, 2010 [15 Kb] 

Final MOA transmittal and Response to Comments, June 3, 2010 [499 Kb] 

Final Executed MOA, June 3, 2010 [4.2 Mb] 

Regulations and Guidelines

National Historic Preservation Act

Section 106 process from the Code of Federal Regulations (36 CFR 800)

US Department of Transportation Act, Section 4(f)

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