Environmental Resources

This section of the Project Website provides information regarding environmental resources in the Project Area.

During the early phases of developing and evaluating transportation projects and their alternatives, environmental resources are identified, assessed, and evaluated for the potential impacts of each project alternative. The Project Team is currently evaluating the study area's environmental resources and the potential impacts of the proposed alternatives on those resources.


What are Environmental Resources?

Environmental resources can be defined as elements of the human environment, and include both natural and built resources. Three major categories of resources are socioeconomic, cultural and natural. Click on the links below for each environmental resource type to see the identification process, resource evaluation, and the identified resources within the project area.


What are Socioeconomic Resources?

Socioeconomic Resources refer to people, homes, communities, farms and farmland, community facilities (parks, recreation areas, emergency services, educational and religious facilities, cemeteries; water and sewer services), businesses, jobs, and economic conditions.


What are Cultural Resources?

Cultural Resources are historic properties or archaeological sites that have a significant place in history. These include buildings, structures (bridges, dams, towers), sites (battlegrounds, landscapes, archaeological sites), objects (fountains, monuments, signs) or districts, generally 50 years old or older, that are eligible for or listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


What are Natural Resources?

Natural resources include all of the elements of the natural environment: geology, topography, and soils; groundwater, streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, wetlands and floodplains; vegetation and wildlife; rare, threatened and endangered species; and other sensitive resources.


Other Environmental Studies

The Project Team is conducting the air quality and noise impact analyses at this time.

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